Darling, David, "On Creating Something from Nothing," New Scientist, vol. 151 (September 14, 1996). p. 49 "What is a big deal—the biggest deal of all—is how you get something out of nothing. "Don't let the cosmologists try to kid you on this one. They have not got a clue either—despite the fact that they are doing a pretty good job of convincing themselves and others that this is really not a problem. 'In the beginning,' they will say, 'there was nothing—no time, space, matter or energy. Then there was a quantum fluctuation from which …' Whoa! Stop right there. You see what I mean? First there is nothing, then there is something. And the cosmologists try to bridge the two with a quantum flutter, a tremor of uncertainty that sparks it all off. Then they are away and before you know it, they have pulled a hundred billion galaxies out of their quantum hats."
Also on p. 49
"You cannot fudge this by appealing to quantum mechanics. Either there is nothing to begin with, in which case there is no quantum vacuum, no pre-geometric dust, no time in which anything can happen, no physical laws that can effect a change from nothingness into somethingness; or there is something, in which case that needs explaining."

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"Christmas, Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ - Mary's dream

"I had a dream Joseph. I don't understand it, not really, but I think it was about a birthday celebration for our Son. I think that was what it was all about. The people had been preparing for it for about six weeks. They had decorated the house and bought elaborate gifts. It was peculiar, though because the presents weren't for our Son. They wrapped them in beautiful paper and tied them with lovely bows and stacked them under a tree. Yes, a tree Joseph, right in their house. They'd decorated the tree also. The branches were full of glowing balls and sparkling ornaments. There was a figure on top of the tree. It looked like an Angel might look. Oh it was beautiful. Everyone was laughing and happy. They were all excited about the gifts. They gave the gifts to each other, Joseph, not to our Son. I don't think they even knew Him. They never mentioned His name. Doesn't it seem odd for people to go to all that trouble to celebrate someone's birthday if they don't know Him. I had the strangest feeling that if our Son had gone to this celebration, He would have been intruding. Everything was so beautiful, Joseph, and everyone so full of cheer, but it made me want to cry. How sad for Jesus not to be wanted at His own birthday celebration. I'm glad it was only a dream. How terrible, Joseph, if it had been real!"
Author unknown

Danny's comment: I thought this was well written to a degree by showing that the gifts were NOT to Jesus but to people who probably don't need them or whatever. By showing that a tree in the house makes no sense for Jesus' birthday. Check Jer. 10:1-5. Even though this time of the year has NOTHING to do with Christ Jesus' birth. The Roman Catholic Church gave us this celebration and they took it from the celebration called Saturnalia: Winter Solstice in Pagan Rome. People would take about a week off from work, party, buy gifts and the like. Then on Dec. 25 we have the birthdays of many sun gods all over the world so on December 25 Constantine made Jesus a god. The chief rival to Christianity was Mithras and this was selected as his birthday also.
The story goes like this:

"In ancient times many cultures worshiped their deities around the time of the winter solstice. From their celebrations comes not only the date when we celebrate Christmas, but also many of our holiday traditions. First recorded before the times of Christ were the Babylonians, who worshiped the sun god Isis, annually on December 25. Later Romans designated December 25 as the day of their celebration. On this day, they honored, not only Saturn, the deity of agriculture, but also the birthday of Mithras the sun god. Meanwhile on that same day, the people of northern Europe celebrated Yule, also in honor of their sun god Mithras.
"During Jesus' time, worship of Mithras continued to be popular in Rome. After Jesus' death, Christianity began to replace pagan religions. However, many pagan converts to Christianity refused to discontinue their pagan practices. Many of these Christians worshipped Mithras on Sunday (named after the sun god), and attended the annual feast. Sighting this as a problem, church leaders decided to Christianize pagan customs, in order to attract pagans and allow converts to observe their old traditions in a godly fashion.
"In 321, the Roman Emperor Constantine gave Christianity freedom in Rome. Later in 336AD, 'Christians' unofficially replaced the pagan Roman holiday with a celebration honoring Christ's birth. Pope Julius, who designated December 25 as the official celebration of Christ's birth, followed this up in 350AD. This holiday became known as Christmas, or the Mass of Christ."

A few closing comments.
FIRST that last paragraph I was quoting from uses the word "Christian' loosely. Roman Catholics are NOT Christians and NEITHER was Constantine and they are the ones whom the writer is talking about, calling them Christians.
What does saying "Merry Christmas or Merry Christmass have to do with anyone's birthday? My name is Danny Bunn and nobody says "Merry Bunnmas" on my birthday. What does having a tree in your livingroom have to do with Jesus' birthday even if you believe that it was his birthday? Why are you dreaming of a white Christmass if you are? It is for sure that the shepherds didn't have a white Jesus' birthday and they surely did not have a white Christmass, it was and still is an abomination to God. Only pagan religions eat their gods and drink their blood and that is what the Roman Catholic Christmas(s) is all about. Even though it was handed down to us from them, so to speak. We don't need it NOR should we celebrate it. They killed a lot of my brothers and sisters whether in the flesh through Adam or in the Spirit through Jesus Christ because they would not yield to their command in accepting the bread and wine as the literal body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ when they celebrated their "Christ mass." Even though it looks nicer now with Christmass trees? and Santa Claus? and mistletoes? and presents under that tree? Everyone KNOWS that those are Christian "add ons" and Christ would approve of then??? NOT!

In closing,

"Those who follow the custom of observing Christmas, follow not the Bible but pagan ceremonies."
Charles Spurgeon

I. Christ-mas is almost here!

II. Merry Christ-mass--ho ho ho

III. The Christmas Story

And here are a couple of videos when I am preaching on Christmas.

Merry Chrismass Ho ho ho!

Merry Christ mass

AND finally 3 articles that I did not write but they were pretty good, except the second one a couple of times they seemed to be seeking to put Christians bsck under the OT law and that doesn't work, to put it lightly. I knew most of the information in them but a few things I did not know and need to verify but it is good readng anyway.
Christmas: Is it "Christian" or Pagan?

The Shocking Pagan Origin of CHRISTMAS!

Pagan Christmas? Why Thousands Of Christians Are Abandoning Christmas
What I find funny in a sad way is when I read all the comments people make why they are having problems with Christmas being Jesus' birthday or even wanting us to celebate his birth IS they never deal the word itself. CHRISTMAS has NOTHING to do with the Lord Jesus Christ. That should be the first thing to turn all kinds of alarms on within. The Christmass is the Roman Catholic celebration when they eat and drink the blood of their god, Jesus Christ which is NOT the Jesus Christ of the bible.

Enough for now...

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