The Two Most Satanic Holidays in America and the World.

    The more I study these two holidays, the more confused I get at how so many Christians can be deceived by something that is so clearly Satanic all through the things that these holidays comprise of from trees in the house to Satan Claws, I mean Santa Claus to mistletoes, to lying to their kids and grandkids about this fat devil. Remember elves are defined as devils in most dictionaries. Then the biggest thing is we MAKE God a liar and his word the bible as lies. If some Christians believe the things certain preachers and teachers teach and preach about Christmas and Easter as truth then we make the word of God of none effect by their traditions, IF you believe the good Friday scenario regarding good Friday to Easter Sunday then the main thing that Jesus said to prove him being the Messiah was he would be in the grave three days and three nights as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale. You cannot possibly get three days and three nights from Friday night to Sunday morning no matter how hard you try, Jesus lied and he is NOT the Messiah by his own words IF you believe your holiday teachers and preachers. Many "churches", religious organizations also do Easter eggs hunts and bunny rabbit games, both are fertile creatures since they are celebrating the goddess of fertility, Isthar (Easter). Many "churches" have services as the sun is coming up, facing the east watching the glorious "sun" come up NOT the glorious Son of God since he rose from the dead when it was still dark. Mary got to the tomb when it was still dark and Jesus was not there, he has risen. In the Old Testament the Jews in rebellion against God were having service watching the "sun" come up since it was the giver of light, so to speak.

     Now a little more on the other Satanic holiday known as Christmas. Many Christians believe this is of God . God did say that his people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and it really applies to this holiday as it did Easter.. Christmas was made Jesus' birthday since many false, make believe, gods were born on Christmass and Jesus is jut one of many gods of our choosing.

    Here are names of "Gods" throughout history that were said to have been born by a virgin on 25th December.

HORUS An Ethiopian-Sudanese God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 3,000 YEARS before Jesus.

BUDDHA A Nepal God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 563 YEARS before Jesus.

KRISHNA An Indian God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 900 YEARS before Jesus.

ZARATHUSTRA An Iranian God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 1,000 YEARS before Jesus.

HERCULES A Greek God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 800 YEARS before Jesus.

MITHRA A Persian God, born 25th December, by a Virgin- 600 YEARS before Jesus.

DIONYSUS A Greek God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 500 YEARS before Jesus.

THAMMUZ A Babylonian God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 400 YEARS before Jesus.

HERMES A Greek God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 200 YEARS before Jesus.

ADONIS A Phoenician God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 200 YEARS before Jesus.

JESUS CHRIST A Roman God, born 25th December, by a Virgin around 1-30 AD.
Source: world history.

     THINK about this long and hard and if you are a Christian playing with this holiday you will wish you NEVER heard of Christmas or Dec 25th, ; the winter soltice or Easter and the vernal equinox?      The Roman Catholic Church took most of its practices from pagan religions around them to make them a part of their "party" or their "church".. So they made Jesus a god like many false gods before him were made into gods on Dec.25

     Speaking of birthdays, what did you get Jesus for his birthday? SINCE you claim it is his birthday you are celebrating. OR are you buying your kids or grandkids gifts they do not need. Why do you have a tree in your house since God condemned the Jews for doing it in the Old Testament and you seem to THINK he is going to let you get by with it. What does having a tree in the house have to do with his birthday?

     The Whore of Babylon, the Roman Catholic Church gave us these sick perverted holidays when they took them from the pagans long time ago and "Christianized' them, so to speak.

     In closing why do some real true born again Christians say Happy Easter and Merry Christmas when neither greeting has anything to do with the supposed reasons for celebrating Jesus' birth or resurrection. Happy Easter does not mean Happy Resurrection NOR does Merry Christmas mean Merry Birthday. The greeting said over and over doing the holidays HAVE absolutely NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ. AS I said earlier Easter (Isthar) is the goddess of fertility and Christmas(s) is when the Roman Catholic Church kills Jesus Christ at their Eucharist and eat his body and drink his blood. Do I think Jesus is weeping NO BUT I DO BELIEVE HE IS MAD AS A HORNET when Christians play with these evil holidays and pretend he is glad to see his children are playing with pagan holidays SINCE he condemned his people in the OT for playing with the same two holidays under different names such as Isthar and Saturnalia. EVERY Christian will pay dearly for ignoring God's commands.

     My final words to you IF you are celebrating these holiday is REPENT and I mean REPENT! God does not like people calling him a liar and I have shown you just a few reasons why God is a liar if what the preachers preach on these holidays are true.

I. Christ-mas is almost here!

II. Merry Christ-mass--ho ho ho

III. The Christmas Story

Have a Happy Christ-x Day!

Easter Is Coming!

Merry Kris Mess!

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