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(((These are the feet of a ten week old baby in utero.)))

"The shooter is a hero.
Whatever action is justified to save the
life of a born baby is justified
to save the life of an unborn baby, said Don Spitz.

There are so many definitions for abortion, which is the termination of life in a mother's womb before that life has an opportunity to experience life in this world. I'll use a dictionary definition for an abortion even though it is barely revealing what an abortion really involves. Definition: n 1.a (in mammals) the act of giving birth before the fetus has developed enough to live; miscarriage. [It would be much clearer for those reading this definition if they said, "has developed enough to live on its own." Because the baby is most definitely living even in the mother's womb, it's fully life from the moment of conception.] b. the inducing of premature delivery in order to destroy offspring. In (a.) they speak of a miscarriage which is a natural abortion caused by natural means such as the baby has already died in the mother's womb for some unknown reason. Women who have had abortions have a much higher chance of having a miscarriage than those who have not. The (b) definition speaks to me in reference to physical abortion and spiritual abortion. The dictionary says, "the inducing of premature delivery in order to destroy offspring."

Even though that definition speaks to me more in the spiritual sense than in the physical. First off- many abortions which are done by the abortionist, I dare not call him a doctor happens when he inserts a tube that has a sharp edge on it up the mother's vagina after he paralyzes her cervical muscle on her uterus so that he may open it since it is hard because the baby is not ready to come out. (This is during the first three months of pregnancy, the first trimester.) He then pushes this tube inside and turns on a machine which is much more powerful than a vacuum cleaner and as he is cutting the baby to pieces, he sucks it into a bottle. Second and third trimester abortions (four through nine months of pregnancy) are done mainly by injecting a saline solution into the mother's womb after they take some amniotic fluid out. This saline solution is a salt solution which literally burns the baby to death. We can't call this anything but legalized murder, killing innocent life in the womb. Now they have an abortion which is called D&X in which they will be giving the girl either money or a cheaper abortion or something along those lines to encourage the woman to keep the baby in the womb longer so it will be more developed, formed. What they do next is fairly unbelievable. They pull the baby out by the feet and when they get a little above the neck line, they stick a tube into the head and suck the brains out before they pull the baby completely out of the mother. We are becoming more and more of a sick society, super sick as the days go by. But when you justify killing innocent life in the womb, where did we really think that it would stop? When you justify that, nothing seems bad. Old people and the handicapped are the next on the list. There are those in America who think that they are going to make a perfect race of people like Hitler attempted years ago.

Now I would like to explain the spiritual side of abortion. The Bible tells me that all Christians are called to be witnesses in this dark, sin-sick world. We are called to let our light shine so that men and women, boys and girls who don't know the way, who are stumbling around in spiritual darkness, blinded by sin, seeking to please God by their own petty fruits of righteousness. Works such as being water baptized, going to church, their so-called right living, praying or maybe even reading the Bible and all the other spiritual things that they think they are to do. Yet they are never coming to Jesus for life and we as Christians are allowing them to be aborted snuffed right out of this life before they are ever born-again, which is coming into a relationship with Jesus- the very Author of life. I see more Christians waking up to the terrible reality of physical abortion but not to the evil reality of spiritual abortion by letting Roman Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and many others lost in the cults and false religions die without telling them the good news that Jesus came and died for their sins and even better He rose from the dead to give them the free gift of eternal life. They are in spiritual darkness, blinded by the prince of darkness, satan himself, thinking that they are going to make it to heaven by what they are doing and not by what he has done. If I may talk to you about anything on this page, please e-mail me


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